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Dr David Booth

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Associate Professor David Booth

Associate Professor Booth is a research scientist studying the genetics of multiple sclerosis.

He gained his PhD from the Imperial College in London, and has since specialised in the genetics of human autoimmune and infectious diseases, especially multiple sclerosis (MS), systemicamyloidosis (SA), and chronic hepatitis C (CHC).

David's overall goal is to use genetics to better characterise multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases, and so facilitate the design and use of drugs to treat them, and development of diagnostic tests to better enable clinical management. 

He and his team have used genome wide analysis and transcriptomic strategies to identify genes associated withsusceptibility to MS and host response in CHC, two diseases treated with interferons.  The underlying causes of these genetic associations is being sought by measuring gene expression in the key immune cell subsets involved in disease pathogenesis.

Associate Professor David Booth's publications have been published in high-quality peer-reviewed medical journals, including Nature and the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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Hear A/Professor David Booth discuss the latest on the genetics in MS.